Are You Ready For Free Microsoft Points?

Yep, you read it right. We are giving away free Microsoft points. We got sick and tired of MS sticking it to us and decided to find a way to get back. That’s when we came up with the idea of generating our own free Microsoft Points. We thought there had to be a way of making the same coding that Microsoft uses to generate their MS points. I’m happy to say we did it. Want to know how? Read on.

How We Made the Free Microsoft Points Generator

After a ton of brainstorming (and pepperoni pizza), we came up with the idea of using the codes that come on the MS points cards. We gathered every single card we could find and put those card codes into our program. Once we saw a pattern emerging in the number sequences, we created a program that would generate similar codes. I am happy to say we found a code that will allow us to produce free Microsoft Points codes worth 1600 points. Wicked, huh? After trying them out, we thought it would be cool to help our fellow gamers and release these to you, the gaming public. You’re welcome. You did say “Thanks”, right?

How To Get Your Free Microsoft Points

Now, you may be thinking that this is some big scam to get you to sign up for some rip off scheme. I assure you, it is NOT! Although there IS a process to get the free Microsoft Points, it is very simple and takes little effort on your part. I promise you, it is painless. All we’re asking you to do to get your free Microsoft points is to follow our three step process:

1. Share this page on Facebook by clicking the button we provided.
2. Share the same page on other social websites like Twitter and Linkedin.
3. Paste a very simple message into two Facebook pages which are dedicated to gaming or Xbox.

THAT’S IT!!! Slick, huh? Once you do those three things, you can get your free Microsoft points from us.

What You Get For Your Trouble

Now, you may be wondering why you even need these free Microsoft points. Well, here’s the deal. Microsoft wants you to pay almost twenty bucks for 1600 points and just under fifty bucks to get 4000 points. Once you have purchased said points, you can go online and get on the Xbox network and get a whole bunch of wicked goodies. These are things like new maps for your campaigns, whole new characters, completely new missions for you to explore, new content for your games, music, HD movies, killer apps and even new Xbox games to try out. If you are anything like me, you’re going to go through these points like a pig through slop. You’ll be grabbing this and downloading that, and pretty soon your account will say ZERO BALANCE. BUMMER!!! THAT’S why you need to get our free Microsoft points. You can top up your account before it zeros out and rest assured that you will get to play that latest RPG or FPS that you saw in your favorite gaming magazine. Having to wait for the chance to go and buy more points is a real pain but you can rectify that by getting your own free Microsoft points from our website.

A Super Cool Bonus

When you use our generator to get your free Microsoft points, you may hit a wall and find that the codes have already been used. I know that sucks! It can’t be helped. However, we have an awesome alternative to this dilemma: This will guarantee you that your free Microsoft points will work and haven’t been used before. The process for getting them is simple. Here it is:

1. Set up an account using your email address (so we can send you your code) and confirm it.
2. Try out some of the free offers presented or take some of the surveys.
3. Trade in your points for gifts which include our free Microsoft points.

If you want to get more points, you can tell your friends about the deal, and when they sign up and confirm their memberships, we will give you 50 points. Doesn’t that rock? What are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go get your free Microsoft points. See you on the inside.

A brand new website for free Microsoft points

Our team is so excited to present our users with free Microsoft points! You’re absolutely going to love our new online tool which we unveiled to the public recently!

100% Guaranteed MS Points For FREE!
100% Guaranteed MS Points For FREE! Click the image to find out how!

Our team is so excited to present this new option to our loyal users! You’re absolutely going to love this new site which we have unveiled to the public a little over a week from yesterday. The site is taking off much faster than we could have ever anticipated!

Just like the Matrix movie, you can take the red pill or the blue pill, the red pill means you can keep trying the generator and most of the time you’ll get already used codes, you’ll wake up in bed the next day ready to try again only to be disappointed yet again. Or you can take the blue pill and get you some FREE MICROSOFT POINTS 100% GUARANTEED!

A basic crash course in how this new site PointStackers® works:

  1. Create an account with your email address and a user name. You’ll get 200 free points just for signing up!
  2. Earn cool rewards by simply completing free and easy advertiser offers! You get points just for filling out the forms, how hard is that? (it’s actually quite easy)
  3. The BEST part: Redeem the points you’ve earned to get items from the rewards section! Check out the rewards page to see what’s available or contact us to suggest a new reward to be added to the rewards section!
  4. Get EASY points! The more friends you invite, the more points you get! Each friend earns you 25 points once they confirm their account!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to PointStackers and start stacking those points for your free card code! The code will be delivered to you by email within ONE HOUR of you redeeming your points for it! How sweet is that?

This is a very exciting opportunity for you and I hope you don’t miss it! Or you could just take the blue pill and wake up disappointed of course… =)

You also get 200 free points JUST FOR SIGNING UP! What are you waiting for?

Happy stacking,

Get Your Free Microsoft Points

Do you need a website that gives out free Microsoft points? If you answered yes, we have just the tool for you! Try us out for free today!

There are a lot of things that you can purchase using Microsoft points. You can purchase music from Zune, download games that you can play on your PC, and even play using your Xbox. Getting free Microsoft points is really handy because it will keep you entertained during weekends, holidays, or school break. Normally, you can acquire Microsoft points by purchasing them. There are prepaid cards that you can buy in different increments available from BestBuy, Radioshack and other stores. Purchases can also be made online using your credit card. You can save yourself from making these purchases by getting a software that would allow you to acquire Microsoft points.

The software would allow you to get free points by generating codes that are similar to the codes you would find on a prepaid Microsoft points card. You would enter the codes as you would normally enter prepaid codes. You would be getting Microsoft points for the codes that you would generate. You can purchase games and upgrades for your laptop or PC. You can use these points to make transaction on If you have an Xbox, you can purchase games and in-game upgrades and play multiplayer games online with these Microsoft points.

Microsoft points are a unique currency. This would allow you to purchase goods and services from Microsoft. You can also use this to purchase albums and tracks on Zune. You can buy games and in-game items from Xbox using these points. Mostly, the purchases that you will be making using these points are for virtual items like game upgrades. These upgrades are equivalent to a good amount of money if you would convert points to its value in dollars. Buying something intangible would feel like you are buying nothing. It can be impractical to be purchasing virtual goods like in-game upgrades or new clothes for your avatar on Xbox. You no longer have to feel the guilt of spending so much on online goods since you can get free Microsoft points for you purchase these virtual items. Your Xbox avatar can look more like you and would even have your similar style. You can enjoy playing games more with upgrades and unlocking in-game feature with free points. You can enrich your music library with your favorite music by using these to download tracks from Zune. These free points would really keep you entertain during weekends, holidays, and the summer break.

The codes are produced by a software that calculates the pattern of the codes that you would find on a prepaid card. You would be getting a unique code all the time that you can use to acquire Microsoft points. To get the converter would not even require you to make a purchase. You would need to visit On the page, you will be offered options that would provide you access to use the software. The link to the download would only be provided upon the completion of the offer that you chose. You can choose to answer surveys or try out applications. These would not require any purchases at all. There are options that would require a mobile number as the transaction would be done over the phone. There may be a charge against your phone credit but you can simple choose another options if you are uncomfortable in using a specific offer. Once the offer is complete, you would be provided with the access to download the software so you can generate codes to get free Microsoft points. The website would even provide you with an option to get Microsoft points just by signing up.

You can do a lot of things with the Microsoft points that you acquire using the code generator. This is great for students who love playing their Xbox. Since they only have their allowance, they normally would not have enough to buy Microsoft prepaid cards. This would allow them to acquire Microsoft points and would allow them to play their games with a few added perks. You can get great upgrades or play games using your laptop and PC by using points on the Microsoft Live Store. Zune would provide you with a wide list of music for you to enjoy. The codes generator would really provide you all these benefits and even give you great savings.