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If you have an Xbox chances are you’ve heard of Microsoft points, the international online currency of gamers everywhere. Microsoft points are a nifty way of buying cool stuff through the Xbox Live Marketplace without having to use a credit card or debit card. Obviously this makes for more secure transactions, but it also means you can get some pretty cool stuff online whenever you want without having to make a trip to the game store.

You can add points to your Microsoft account in basically two ways. You can use a credit card to purchase the points online, or you can go to a retailer and buy cards preloaded with points. The cards have a code on them that is used to load the points to your account. It’s a great system, but since 1600 points cost around twenty bucks it can get pretty costly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get free Microsoft points? Well, there is a way to do just that!

Why on earth would I want free Microsoft points? What exactly would I use them for? Who wouldn’t want free Microsoft pointsfree points equals free stuff! These nifty little points can be used to buy whole games, additional levels for games you already have, accessories for your avatar, and so much more. By going to the online marketplace you can browse and purchase entire video games without ever leaving your home. Add-ons can be purchased for games you already have. These add-ons include bonus levels, exclusive in-game weapons and even extra characters. This brings a whole new dimension to gaming!

You could use your free Microsoft points to jazz up your avatar. Make your virtual self the coolest kid on the block with new clothes, accessories, or even a cute little pet. The avatar you display really gives you a chance to express yourself, but using your points for these little extras can wipeout your points balance fast. There is just something so frustrating about spending your hard earned real cash to make your online virtual avatar look good. Wouldn’t it be great to know you could still look cool and have money in your pocket, at least online anyways!

Even if you are not a die-hard gamer free Microsoft points are still extremely useful. Through online apps such as Zune you can use your microsoft points to rent or purchase movies. Now you can watch all the latest releases or your old favorites for free, plus you don’t have to go anywhere to get them! How about owning new movies, being able to watch them on your XBox, pc, laptop, wherever and whenever you want without paying a penny? Those free Microsoft points are looking better and better, eh?

Maybe music is your passion…Zune is also a great place to buy albums and tracks. Expand your music collection, try new artists, or track down old favorites. And guess what currency you can use to get these? Why, free Microsoft points, of course!

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Now, I know what you are thinking…this is too good to be true, it is just a scam, I am going to get ripped off…NO WAY. There is no ‘buy this and get free points’ scam. These points are really, truly free.

Why would anyone be offering up free Microsoft points without a catch? Guess these guys got tired of giving so much of their hard earned money up to Microsoft for virtual goodies. Maybe they are just using their computer genius to benefit their fellow gamers everywhere…who cares why they have done this. The point is they are giving you a chance to get your hands on free Microsoft points. You do have to complete a ridiculously easy three step process, which basically is just spreading the word about this awesome generator. But why wouldn’t you want to let your friends know about the chance to get free Microsoft points? So go and visit right now for those free Microsoft points!

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