Spring has sprung and so has free MS points!

So we all know how it goes when spring arrives. The weather changes like our Xbox games do…DLC requires free MS points which we have for you all…

The weather changes on an hourly basis (even more depending on where you live, I live in Michigan so it’s possible to see winter, summer, spring, and fall within hours of each other, no joke. Eighty degrees the entire day, and literally below freezing at night. Some days you can go out and chill, have a BBQ, bonfire, party, burn off those excess winter pounds you gained while being cooped up for months during winter (which comes with all those nifty holidays that require eating 12,000 calories within one hour and then falling asleep. Spring can be a touchy season, as there are only a few days that you are really able to go outside and let go of the pent up winter blues. I love thunderstorms probably more than the next person, but you can’t do anything at these particular times. With the way things seem to be heading you can’t even count on a relaxing thunderstorm to ease you to sleep. So the only thing you can really do is turn to technology to ease your cabin fever.

Christmas has just passed, and I swear March is the month that most babies are born. How many Xbox 360’s were given as gifts? Probably a ton. And since games are so expensive, I’m going to hedge a bet that not too many “super cool” games were given after the initial shock of the price of the console itself. So if any were given, hopefully they were the good ones with the extensive gameplay hours. At this point, I bet you’re wishing you have some free Xbox Live codes! (The cards themselves are fairly expensive.)

If you’ve been living under a rock, own an Xbox 360, and have no idea what Xbox live codes are, let me explain exactly what they can do for you. You can buy cards from your local stores that are in increments of 1600 and 4000 Xbox live codes. When you enter these codes into your console, it unlocks an entire new world for you. You can redeem these points for extra missions on games, map packs for the harder games, walkthroughs, music, movies, apps, and other cool things like Hulu and Netflix. After hearing what they do, can you think of a better way to spend a cold, rainy, spring day? You have HOURS of fun right at your finger tips and didn’t even know it using our online tool to obtain free MS points.

Now I’ll tell you how this site started. We were sick of forking over money to the empire Microsoft. We took every single card we had purchased (as well as a few other friends cards they had already used) and entered them into a program we made that ultimately found a pattern between all of the codes that we had collected. So we simply built a program, entered in the info that had accumulated and just like that, we were able to create our own 1600 point codes. For free!

We originally tried them, they worked. So we offered the program to a few select friends, which also worked. Late last year we went public and offered it to everyone. All it takes is you visiting our site, completing a free and easy offer, and your code will automatically pop up once you are finished. From there you are free to enter your new free Xbox Live code and use however you want to use it.

We are staying on top of our generator program making sure it still works and that Microsoft hasn’t changed anything on us so far, so we will be more than ready when and if the programs from Microsoft change, and we will edit ours so you can continue to get your free Xbox live codes.

We are here to help you keep your money where it belongs during this economic decline, which is in your pocket.

Happy gaming!

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