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Free Microsoft PointsWith Christmas coming up soon, tons of people have been added to the ever-growing list of official “Xbox Owners”. It’s not enough that Microsoft charges you a nice round $299.99 for an Xbox bundle that includes a console, a Kinect, one controller, and if you’re really lucky, an extra game. Now they want to charge you a monthly fee to subscribe to Xbox LIVE, Xbox Gold, and the coveted Microsoft points. With the economy as it is, sometimes those fees just aren’t possible to maintain monthly. Do you buy food, pay your cell phone bill, or drop $100 in cash each month so you can stay online and play Halo 3 with your friends and stream Netflix movies.

Choices, choices… How fair is it that you can buy a Wii for $149.99 that comes with the console, a remote, a game, and unlimited online gaming adventures online as long as you provide the internet connection. Nintendo doesn’t charge outrageous fees just so you can play online with your friends or watch Youtube videos either.

We got fed up with Microsoft reaching into our pockets each month to take our last few dollars we managed to save and created this free microsoft points generator to help lighten the load. We have an elite team of programmers that have worked hard for several months attempting to crack the nearly impossible algorithm that they use to create their codes, and finally, we have reached our goal.

You might be thinking “What are Microsoft points used for anyway?” Let me tell you what they’re all about! Microsoft has given you the option to buy cool add-ons for games like map packs, new missions, new characters, in game content, movies, music, videos, numerous apps, and even Xbox games right from your couch without having to leave your house. Sounds great I know, but it comes at a price. Sometimes a hefty price depending on what you want. Microsoft is charging $6.50 for 100 Microsoft points, $9.99 for 400 Microsoft points, $19.99 for 1600 Microsoft points and $49.99 for 4000 (And don’t forget the tax!). Now these prices just don’t add up to me, and they didn’t fly with our team either.

As I mentioned before, we cracked Microsoft’s algorithm for creating points, and we offered it to a few select test people to see how it would go… And boy did it go! The success of our hellish programming hours paid off in the end, but we still weren’t satisfied. While we were offering our generator to limited people, we didn’t think it was fair that you and your friends should be left out in the cold. So as of February 18, 2012 we have made our generator public for YOU! Feel free to use our generator to generate all the Microsoft points you need for your gaming pleasure. New character for Mortal Kombat? It’s yours. New Map pack for COD? You got it! New movie that just came out on DVD followed by a new song you just have to hear? Consider them yours!

Just REMEMBER that as Microsoft catches wind of point generators they won’t have to hire a rocket scientist to tell them they are losing money. So here’s what you need to do. Use our generator. And use it a lot. Stock pile as many points as you can before Microsoft changes their algorithm to up their cash flow and we lose sleep for God knows how long to crack the next codes. So I’ll tell you your job one more time: STOCK PILE AS MANY POINTS AS YOU CAN before Microsoft realizes their stocks are going down!

Happy gaming,
The team at Free Microsoft Points

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